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16 Week Program

Total Core

$49.00 on Sale (Reg $199.00)

The Total Core Program is the ultimate collection of all of my most effective ab workouts!  These workouts will take you only 20 minutes per day and will build an armour-strength core!


  • Organized weekly training schedule

  • This is all laid out within my Armour Fitness App; therefore, it is available on any of your devices and can be taken wherever you go.

  • An exercise overview where you will find video demos of each movement.

  • Full warm ups and cool down with flexibility and mobility training.

  • Core workouts

  • Helpful tips and extra coaching content on how to achieve the best results from your training and nutrition.


Total Core is 16 weeks long with quick workouts 5 times per week.  Brand new workouts are dropped every 4 weeks to keep you from plateauing and to keep you engaged.


This program Requires no equipment!  Light dumbbells or jugs and resistance bands can add resistance on a few of the exercises if your core strength is advanced.

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