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The Elite - 16 Week

Gym Program or Home Program


  • The Armour Fitness App

  • Unlimited 1-1 access to your Trainer, Miranda

  • New, Custom-tailored workout programs, every month

  • Access to AF's Extensive Library and Video Content 

  • Membership in the AF Elite Facebook Group

  • Weekly personalized meal plans with App

  • 2x day Trainer accountability

  • Weekly coaching call

  • Mindset coaching

Talk to me in the App

  • Unlimited 1-1 Access with me!


You can message me directly in the app to ask questions, share progress, and to even let me know if you are needing alternative exercises.

  • 2x a day trainer accountability

  • weekly coaching call  


When motivation is high, you are more likely to reach your fitness goals and consistent accountability will help you see results faster.  This program is a partnership, where we come alongside you, to teach you and help you create a sustainable lifestyle.

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Weekly personalized meal plans

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There is truth in the old saying - "Abs are made in the Kitchen"

Let us know your favourite foods, the ones you hate and the cravings that you CAN'T live without!  This meal plan is personally customized to You.

Our belief at Armour Fitness is that you should enjoy the process!  - and this is exactly how we approach working with you.

New custom-tailored workout programs, every month

Your workout program changes as you do.  Each month you'll have new goals and a new custom workout program.  You van rest assured that this program is like nothing you've ever tried - this is a partnership and this program grows with you. 


our vision is to be the last trainers you need, and this custom-made program is how we aim to do that.  We come alongside you to teach and help you create a sustainable lifestyle change. 

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Ready to beat yesterday?

16 weeks gives us enough time with our clients to get them on track with their fitness, diet, and to create new habits that turn into an enduring lifestyle! This is why time after time, we get our clients phenomenal results!


We are confident is saying that you've never experienced a fitness program quite like this one.

The Elite Program is tailor-made for You. You will fall in love with our fitness programs, and we'll teach you to lose unwanted weight WHILE eating delicious foods you love! No joke.

Still interested in learning more? 

Please take the time to watch the below video!


how to get in

You may be saying, "That's it! I want in!".

However, the Elite program isn't for everyone. We work with individuals, of all fitness levels, that are looking for positive change, and that want to commit for the 16 weeks to get the most out of their experience with us!


This is why we ask you to book a call and speak directly to one of our coaches to see if working with us would be a good fit!


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