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Armour Fitness was created by me, Miranda Thebeau, in 2019. It was sparked by my burning passion for helping others. 

I created Armour Fitness to be able to help as many people achieve their goals regardless of where they are. My experience and knowlegde allows me to create a program tailored to your body type, goals, and ways you actually enjoy training.


 I believe that the key to success in any avenue of life is to enjoy the process. That is especially true with fitness. I don't simply want to give you a program, I want you to gain an understanding of both exercise and nutrition so that you can make it a lifestyle.

My vision is to be the last trainer you're going to need. I aim to bring you all the information and confidence needed to continue crushing your goals even after you've completed training with me.

My individual journeys that have lead me to where I am today are as unique as your story that's lead you to reading about Armour Fitness. To learn more about each of me, click the links below and read about who I am, and decide if Armour Fitness is the right fit for you.


Miranda Thebeau

I am a mother of 7 kids and a personal trainer of 20 years. Fitness has been the cornerstone of my life and helping you reach your potential is my passion

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