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Welcome to... 
Armour Nutrition!

Below you will find information about what you will receive in the program, and links to get you started in the Armour App and in our Nutrition App!

Welcome to the Armour Fitness Nutrition Program!

 It was great to get to chat with you on the phone! This is our onboarding page where we will get you set up with everything you need to get going and give you an idea of what lies ahead! 

Healthy Diet

Custom Diet Plan 

Our diet plans are just that, CUSTOM. 

Never forget, the diet plans are for you. Feel free to contact us about any changes you need at any time! We want your meals to be as custom to your lifestyle as possible! Keep track of the meals you've eaten by clicking the box, 'I ate this' in your nutrition app!

Remember, you can't outrun your fork, and abs are made in the kitchen! The more you stick to your nutrition the better progress you will make! 

Taking Food Photo with Smartphone

The Armour Fitness App

You will also have access to the Armour Fitness App where you will receive a complimentary 8 week workout program, where you can record progress tracking, you'll have a message centre where you will receive accountability reminders, and have 24/7 access to your coach where you can ask questions and request changes to your diet plan!

lets get started!

You will soon be receiving several emails to your preferred address that include system login details. 

Please create a folder in your email inbox titled "Armour Nutrition" and save all incoming emails from us to this folder. You will also receive a PDF version of your diet plans in your email every week. You can keep these for your use in the future!

We will be discussing their contents in more detail very soon. 

Your Urgent To-Do List!


Download our Nutrition App

Your meal plan and grocery list is already made and ready to go!  We’ve already created your account, so all you need to do is log in! Check your email for your login credentials! Just click below to go to the App Store or Play Store to download the Nutrition App!

Get Your Membership Account Set Up!

Take 2 minutes and create an account in our fitness programs where you will have access to your trainer, fitness programs and progress tracking! Click below to get started!

Doing Pushups

The Armour App

Once your membership account has been set-up, download the Armour Fitness App, (you will receive an email with a link to the app store). Go into the results tracking and fill out the respective fields. Please also fill out the Par-Q Form. 


 Input Your Progress Photos and Weight

Under the results tracking section of your app, you will find a field to input your progress pictures and weight. Your pictures can be updated every 4 weeks, and your weight can be updated every Friday Morning.Take pictures of your front pose, back and side pose, from head to toe. 

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