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8 Week Program

Full Body


The 8 Week Full Body Program is a fun combination of strength training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  A combination of these two types of training will give you both a well rounded physique and cardiovascular level.  This program will have you achieving gains in strength, flexibility, boosting cardiovascular fitness, burning fat + overall health.

This is an all encompassing training program that focusses on strengthening and toning every muscle group, while burning stubborn fat and increasing your cardiovascular endurance.


  • Organized weekly training schedule

  • This is all laid out within my Armour Fitness App; therefore, it is available on any of your devices and can be taken wherever you go.

  • An exercise overview where you will find video demos of each movement.

  • Full warm ups and cool down with flexibility and mobility training.

  • Core workouts

  • Helpful tips and extra coaching content on how to achieve the best results from your training and nutrition.


This Full Body Program is 8 weeks in duration with strength training workouts 3 times per week, one HIIT session, and one optional cardio day.  Brand new workouts are dropped every 2 weeks to keep you progressing and to keep you engaged and excited for what's to come next!


This Program requires very minimal home equipment: dumbbells and workout bands is all you need!  An exercise ball is helpful but a couch or bed can be used if needed.

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