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WANt a challenge?

January 2021, we are kicking off an Elite 16 Week Challenge! You may have been considering getting fit (or fitter!) this New Year, so why not snag $2,000 while doing it? You would be part of the amazing program mentioned below, with a group of others all working towards their fitness goals! 


Here’s how it works: our most popular and effective option to help you get into the best shape of your life and hit your personal goals, is for us to design you a workout program based on your health history, past injuries, goals, areas you want to target etc, and build it all into our Armour Fitness App. That’s one way in which we are quite different from other programs out there, is that we don’t just present a “one- size-fits-all” style of program. It is built for YOU, and that’s why it works.


In our app it contains video-guided workouts, right on your phone. We have also built a place for you to take your progress photos, record your weight, and your food tracking. You can take pics of everything that you’re eating (if desired), and also send a short video clip of yourself doing a certain exercise in case you feel you aren’t doing it quite right. From our end we can then review it and give you suggestions and modifications. You are also able to record the weight you use and the number of reps and sets you end up doing so we can track it for you! This allows you to have the flexibility to fit in your workouts whenever it works best for you!

Ready For results?

The reason we have individuals commit to 16 weeks, is that 16 weeks is long enough for us to teach you all that you need to know, all of the tips and tricks to make you successful even without us after 16 weeks. That’s what makes this program unique; we want you to leave it being able to continue your fitness journey without needing a trainer.


People love how it gives you the ability to work one-on-one with us personally and yet still get your workouts in whenever it happens to work for your schedule! Whether you would like to have us create you a program to use at the gym, or at home, we can do that for you!


a game changer

A key component that makes this program effective and different from other programs is our daily accountability check-ins. Each day we correspond morning and evening in order to track daily progress and ensure you have all the information we can give you to succeed. What’s more, you can contact us in the app at any time for advice, suggestions, or even just some motivation for the day! Taking the daily guess work out of it!


Now, it is not the cheapest program that you are going to find online, and we know that. However, all those “quick fix” programs out there are designed just to sell, without individual considerations. Ours works so effectively because it is built specific to your body, preferences, past injuries, and how much time you have to commit to a workout, so it’s easy to keep up for a very long time! And unlike the cheap programs, you are actually going to see amazing results that last!


This is not just a matter of “using a workout app”. It is us working one-on-one with you, for you, and around your schedule. People are having great results with it!


This is not just a simple program, and we don’t want you to feel you’re being told what to do without knowing why. We’re going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know so that you can continue on with the knowledge needed to have results even after the 16 weeks!


Your custom diet plan will be revamped each week with your new weight, so that your nutrition can keep you reaching you goals rather than plateauing. Love burgers? We can fit them into your meals! Tacos? You got it! Chocolate chip cookies? We can do that! And STILL have you hitting your goals! There’s also a private Facebook group for everyone on this program, where we encourage each other to hit our goals! We cover lots of content on mindset as well! 


there for you

A massive component to a successful fitness journey is the mental aspect. This is often looked over in other programs out there by trainer’s who think “If I can do it, they can do it”. We know that each person’s experience is as individual and unique as we are. To help you get the most out of your 16 weeks we also cover a lot on mindset! 


You will be in contact with us daily through your accountability check-ins to keep you on track! This is a key aspect for most individuals as they’re much more likely to get in their workouts and stick to their diet plans if they know their Trainer is going to check in with them each night! And before they know it, it’s become a habit! 

Are you ready?


However, this great program has limited spots because of the in-depth involvement with you and us!

We are going to be holding an elite challenge for this January, that is this exact same 16 week program as mentioned above but in a challenge group! In this way, you would have some friendly competition against others in the group to work towards winning $2,000.00 at the end of the 16 weeks! Crazy!! The winner will be chosen based on overall dedication and following the program, as well as results. 

Click below to get started!!

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